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Thank You

The Vermont Chapter is sustained by donations. We especially wish to thank the following who have made donations in 2016.

Francis & Louise Nichols Foundation, B.U.Emporium, Mr. & Mrs. Bradford A. Greene, Susan Alden, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Olcott Jr., Pomerleau Real Estate

Tributes and Memorials

The Vermont Chapter is sustained by generous donations of people who want to honor the memory of loved ones who have lived or who are living with PD.

We would like to acknowledge donations given in honor and in memory of the following community members:

  • Dr. Peter Dunham Alden
  • Eugene Ballard
  • Charles Barrows
  • David Beach
  • Christopher Benetatos
  • Beth Broderick
  • Jacqueline Cardell
  • James Cook
  • Terry Corbin
  • Armanda Renee Daniel
  • Ralph Devereaux
  • Jean Pierre Coutu
  • Elizabeth Dodge
  • Robert Fenner
  • Sister Helen Hebert
  • Peter Hebert
  • Meredith Holzer
  • Melvin Jacobs
  • Robert Jarrett
  • Dorothy Lavin
  • Raymond LaChance
  • Larry Larrow
  • Raymond Lipshutz
  • Lowell
  • Rachel Miller
  • Richard Nye
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Beverly Olmstead
  • Guy & Janet Page
  • David Paradee
  • John Quattrocci Jr.
  • Christopher Sheahan
  • Norman Sourdiff
  • H. Jean Staunton
  • Ida Tkaczyk
  • Marvin Lee Warren
  • Leo Yanoff
  • Kimiko Yumoto




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